A Guide to Bucerias, Mexico

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By The Girl Wonder

Bucerias, Nayarit: A Perfect Mexican Vacation

Bucerias, Mexico is located approximately thirty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta on the Bay of Banderas. A less touristy and less crowded alternative to Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias has been gaining in popularity with both short and long term visitors from the north.

The short distance to vacation hot spot, Puerto Vallarta makes Bucerias perfectly situated for any type of traveler, from wild to mild. Puerto Vallarta offers clubs and exciting nightlife, fine dining and lots of outdoor activities for vacationers. Bucerias has its own brand of nightlife, plenty of great restaurants and lots to do as well–so the choice is yours. Bucerias offers less crowded beaches, less traffic and a more authentic experience at lower prices while providing access to everything wonderful about Puerto Vallarta.

Bucerias has many hotels to choose from, from the Royal Decameron mega-resort to charming bed and breakfasts only a block from the beach. Many condos and homes are for rent year around by the day, week or month.

Bucerias offers stunning sunsets, miles of golden beaches and tranquility not found in major resort towns.

Sunset in Bucerias

Bucerias, Mexico: Where to Stay

Bucerias offers many wonderful places to stay for vacations or longer term. Many expatriates live here year round or part of year to take advantage of the 360 days of sunshine and mild winter temperatures. You will meet many Americans and Canadians during your visit to Bucerias.

If you are looking for the full resort experience, the Royal Decameron has its own enclave at the southern end of the city. It offers all-inclusive packages,and a luxury resort feel. It’s a good choice for people who enjoy the atmosphere related to resorts–planned activities, nightly shows and lots of things to do.

For those looking to get away from the resort crowd and do more adventuring on their own, Casa Tranquila is a hideaway only one block from the beach and within easy walking distance of fine dining, shopping and more. Owned by American expatriates, the hotel offers an English-language bookstore, coffee shop, and the best massage in Bucerias. The garden setting is lovely and the rooms are clean.

If you are looking for a more homey bed and breakfast type lodging, try Casa Cielito Lindo. This Canadian run establishment offers beautiful lodgings close to the beaches.

Private homes for rent can be found on popular sites such as Vacation Rentals by Owner and the Puerto Vallarta Craigslist.

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Dining in Bucerias, Mexico

There are many wonderful dining choices waiting for you in Bucerias, Nayarit. From the fine dining and posh atmosphere of Mark’s to the relaxed and casual taco stands that line the streets at night.

You can’t miss Tapas del Mundo and The Bar Above if you are in the mood for excellent tapas or a stunning dessert. Jorge at Tapas del Mundo offers a great menu of tapas (don’t miss the Cuban sausage or carrots Dyanne) and just upstairs, Buddy offers the best desserts in the whole Bay of Banderas areas with a stunning view to match.

Of the beach restaurants, Mar Y Sol is my personal favorite, offering huge coconut shrimp with a berry dipping sauce at a reasonable price. If you are in the mood for a taste of home, you can pick up a slice at Yo Yo Mo’s pizza, just off of the plaza downtown.

Don’t miss brunch at Karen’s located in the Costa Dorada hotel, right on the beach. They have the best eggs benedict! The Red Apple Place right around the corner from Casa Tranquila also offers a great view and great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bucerias, Mexico

Rusty 19 months ago

Hi, nice job, I’d been going to Bucerias for the last 7 years and I love it, love your article, you have remember me the good old days lol, I’m going again next month, so I’m very excited… :D

Rusty 19 months ago

P.S. You’re hot Girl Wonder! ;D

Randal Wark 16 months ago

Thanks for your information. I love all the restaurants you mentioned, but would like to add the following. The Twisted Rose is great for burgers, but it’s the live music that makes them great. There is also El Brujo which is right before Mezzogiorno. Same view, half the price…but they could use a decorator. I have a list of my favorite at www.bestofbucerias.com

Mark 15 months ago

Great suggestions. Loved the pizza at Yo Yo Mo’s. But for real Mexican food, we took a cooking class with My Mexican Kitchen. Yum! and fun, too. Just watch out when they ask you if you like it ‘spicy’. They mean it!

Hacienda Hotels Mexico 13 months ago

Jus wondering what the real estate prices are like out that way now? Can you still find a bargain?

gena19@gmail.com 12 months ago

Hello, Im new to this forum. I looking to relocate to Bucerias with my wife and daughter. We are hoping for a long stay. We love the Puerto Vallarta area but would like to be a little north of the tourists. we are looking for a place to rent 6months to a year and would like to pay “local” prices. Any suggestions where to look for a place to live.

Thanks for your help!!

The Girl Wonder 12 months ago

Check out Mano a Mano online for long term rentals and great real estate deals. It’s in Spanish but there is a small English section. It comes out every Friday and you can pick up a hard copy at any OXXO store in the Vallarta area. http://www.manoamano.com.mx/

gennady 12 months ago

Does anyone know of a good website to look for jobs in English??

Susan K Grahf 11 months ago

Our first visit to Bucerias, and would like info to research

renting next winter a month or more. A close walk to beach, and not too expensive. Susan

jlinders 11 months ago

Susan, have you found a place? Check out punta Esmerlda

Mari 10 months ago

Bucerias — may like to trade some time in the Pacific Northwest. (Small condo in Seaside, Oregon. Sleeps 4 (better for a family. Has summer pool and view of ocean. Unit is on the promenade.

Also may be interested in trade for 2 bed/2 bath with room to sleep 2 more in semi private area. this home is located in beautiful, historical Port Townsend,WA. The view is spectacular of the San Juan Islands and Victoria, BC. Victoria is easy to reach by ferry and the ferry drops you in the center of town (Empress Hotel,Parliament,BC Museum).

Fishing is great so is crabbing. What do you think?

La Llave / Key to Riviera Nayarit 5 months ago

For endless helpful information about Bucerias and the Riviera Nayarit from Nuevo Vallarta to La Peñita del Jaltemba get a copy of the information magazine, La Llave/Key to Riviera Nayairt or visit the website www.bestbucerias.com

Estelle 5 months ago

Have 2 bedroom condo available after 1/2011 for long term rental contact me at estelle@paindustrial.com for more info, it is on the beach in Bucerias with a pool very private only two townhouse and condo

kenan oldham 2 months ago

I am going to drive down to San Miguel from Austin and then to Bucerias, Sayulita, etc. for April and May and then back to SMA for at least a year or two. Please let me know any suggestions to stay in a one bedroom or small casita close to the beach which is secure enough not to get my little 1990 RX-7 stolen. I want to stay for about 2 months, at least, although not necessarily at the same place. Thanks for any help, and if you need any advice about San Miguel, please let me know, as I have been going there for the last 5 years. Honesty is the best policy. How is the weather there( Bucerias)in April and May(It is hot in San Miguel). Mosquitoes? How bad? Thank you for any candid comments and I will repay the kindness if I can.

Kenan Oldham


Kenan Oldham

Malcolm 2 weeks ago

Best places for one person to stay in Bucerias mbscurrah@gmail.com or articles@shaw.ca

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